8 Best Plants to Pair with Lavender

In case you wanted any more ways to incorporate lavender into your life, here's some great plants that pair well with the scent and taste of lavender. 


Lavender and basil are both excellent in food, and pair well together in many dishes. Just about anything you would add basil to, would also taste good with lavender. Some ideas include pasta sauce, pizza, salads, cocktails, and ice cream, soups, meats, rice, and more. Check out our lavender recipe's here.


One of my favorite flowers in the world for it's beautiful scent and aesthetic. Very sweet, almost hardly floral, yet ever so. Whether in essential oil form for aromatherapy, or in a bouquet together, lavender pairs incredibly well with gardenia flowers. 


While being so different than lavender, the contrast of sugary sweet blends well with the floral scent of lavender. Both have sedative effects in essential oils form, as well as skin balancing and cleansing properties. 


Very often, lemon pairs with lavender, perhaps more than anything else. From food, to perfumes, teas, and even color schemes, this is the perfect pairing for a reason. The tang of lemon couldn't be more different than the herbal lavender, yet both find harmony while competing with each other for the spotlight of your senses.


Chamomile produces a similar sedative effect and has been consumed for centuries to relieve a variety of ailments. The scent and effect couldn't be more soothing, and blends well with lavender for this reason. 


Be sure to add lavender to anything vanilla. From ice cream and baked goods, to candles and bath and body products, there's numerous ways to pair these two together. 

Ylang ylang 

An uncommon flower and scent, this deeply floral and feminine pair will sure to turn heads of both men and women. Find it in personal care products, not for eating. 


Another inedible pairing, patchouli is strongly loved or hated, so be careful with who you wear this scent around. The lavender does a well job at muting the powerful and unmistakable scent of patchouli, so it can improve it if you already love it! 

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