Jam Diaries: Lavender Berry Bomb

This is my second installment of the Jam Diaries. I’d like to tell you how Lavender Berry Bomb came to be. I was continuing my experiment with what goes well with lavender (which is almost everything), when the holidays were rolling around. I was working on some of my usual dishes. A favorite in our family is fresh cranberry relish. This requires taking fresh cranberries and cooking them in hot water until they burst and creating this sweet, tangy and tart flavor. This process with cranberries also created its' own pectin!

While I was making this delicious staple for our upcoming family event, I had an “Aha” moment and added lavender water* to the cranberries, which took this dish to a culinary yumminess.

With cranberries having a natural pectin and my addition of lavender, I decided to experiment with other berries. I love blueberries and strawberries. Thus, Lavender Berry Bomb was born! Check it out here for purchase along with my other Lavender Jams!

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