How to Make and Use Lavender Water

Lavender water may be one of the oldest cosmetics in our modern world. It can be made with both fresh and dried lavender, my favorite is fresh. I recommend making it in small quantities so you can use it as fresh as possible, no longer than a few weeks old. Making your own lavender water is very easy:

  • Place a couple tbsp of lavender petals in a shallow glass bowl.
  • Pour a half cup of boiling purified water over it and steep overnight. 
  • Strain the mixture in a muslin bag or fine mesh strainer and store in the fridge 

Ways to use Lavender Water

Culinary: Use in cranberry relishes and other recipes for sweet foods that call for water.

Perfume: this used to be the introduction to perfumes for little girls, however we think that a splash of lavender water on your pulse spots will leave you with a subtle fresh lavender fragrance that is so much simpler and cleaner than many of the expensive perfumes that you can buy off the shelf.

Toner: lavender is naturally antimicrobial and gentle astringent so it makes perfect natural skin toner for use after cleansing. Simply add a splash to a cotton wool ball and wipe over freshly cleansed skin to remove all traces of build-up and tone and refine your skin.

Aftershave: rather than applying an aftershave that’s based on harsh alcohol compounds, a simple splash of lavender water will refresh and tone skin.

After Sun: a splash of fridge cold lavender water will leave sun-scorched skin feeling like new, the calming and soothing properties of the lavender will ease any soreness and cool the skin completely naturally.

Hair Rinse: after washing your hair, rinsing it through with lavender water will leave it smooth and shiny and your scalp will be both soothed and reinvigorated. 


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