How to Make a Lavender Christmas Ornament

It's December! You've made it another year through the turkey, and you can officially decorate for Santa! This year, be sure to add some lavender to your decor, we are glad to help you with some inspiration.

The first is very easy: a Christmas ornament. All you need is a regular Chrismas ornament of your choice in color (we like silver), a glue gun, and dried flowers including lavender.

We suggest gluing the leaves as a base to the top of the ball, and gluing the rest of the floral arrangement to the top of the ball, letting the bottom be exposed. This way the flowers are likely to last the longest.

Use a cup to set the ball in while you decorate. Turn it carefully and let each layer dry, using only small amounts of glue that can be easily hidden. Slip a ribbon or chord through the loop and voila!

The best way to store these babies is in the original plastic holder that the balls came in, but in a larger box as not to crush them.

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