Craft Idea: Upcycled Winter Baskets

What do you do with your Christmas tree once the Holiday is over? We like to turn our Spring hanging baskets into Winter hanging baskets using the same dirt, and upcycling the branches from our live Christmas tree! 

You just take the branches, cut them to size, and jab them in the basket until it takes on a ball shape. Then add what ever berries or pine cones you want. Red Bows look cute too for Christmas and then take the bows off. As long as you water them the branches will stay fresh looking. Use artificial berries and real pine cones, you can also add red bows, tinsel, beads, candy canes, and even lavender! Get creative! 

Keep the dirt watered and it will last for months, providing that wintery scent of pine for anyone who makes it to your door. 

Thank you for being a part of our 2019 and we will see you in 2020! 

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