7 Beautiful Lavender Bouquet Inspirations

We don't see lavender in our floral arrangements in the grocery stores, and it's somewhat difficult to find unless you are close to a farm. Lavender is too beautiful and fragrant not to pass up if you have the opportunity. So here's 7 beautiful bouquets to inspire you. 

1.Baby's Breath, Blue Thistle & Eucalyptus

by BridalWishDesign on Etsy

BridalWishDesign etsy

2. Dried Cotton & Wild Flowers

by 24hrs City Florist

3. Mixed Grains & Dried Wildflower

by Dried Decor



4. Succulents, Purple Roses, & Lilacs

by WedIdeas.com

5. Wildflower & Eucalyptus

By Blue Orchid Creations

6. Roses, Marigolds & Daisies

By Troy Flower & Gift Shop

7. Daisy & Mums

by Blue Orchid Creations

We hope you get some ideas for incorporating lavender into your next event! Check out more of the scientific benefits of lavender on our Science & Education Blog.

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