Scientific Studies Showing Anti-Fungal Power of Lavender Oil

I’m Fungus is very difficult to conquer. There is an increasing need for treatments that various fungi won't develop a resistance to, and lavender has proven to be just that and more. Lavender essential oil has numerous benefits that pharmaceuticals simply don't provide, but amazingly it is equally effective as an anti-fungal agent.

Candida is gaining recognition as an extremely problematic fungus that has the power to take over the gut, skin, blood and brain. Candidiasis is an infection caused by Candida fungi, most of by Candida albicans. These fungi are found almost everywhere in the environment.

Candidiasis can affect many parts of the body, causing localized infections or larger illness, depending on the person and his or her general health. People with a weakened system from illness or medications such as corticosteroids or anticancer drugs are not only more susceptible to topical infections, they also are more likely to experience a more serious internal infection.

Sufferers around the world are struggling to find balance in maintaining healthy amounts of this fungi, even healthy people can find themselves spending their time battling the effects of Candidiasis.

A study in 2015 found that Lavender essential oil was just as effective as clotrimazole, a commonly used anti-candida drug:

"The pairwise comparison showed that lavender and clotrimazole had a significant difference; this difference in the lavender group was lower than clotrimazole. The average fungal cell count after 48 hours was also lower in lavender group. Given that the lavender has antifungal activity, this can be used as an antifungal agent.

With the increase in drug-resistant fungal treatment in recent years and adverse effects of antifungal agents, the need for new drugs has become important. In the present study, it has been shown that the lavender herb has antifungal activity. Lavender's antifungal effect was significantly positive." [1]


Portuguese research published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology shows that lavender essential oils destroy fungal cells by damaging the cell membrane. Professor Lígia Salgueiro and Professor Eugénia Pinto who led this study explained why novel fungicides are urgently needed:

"In the last few years there has been an increase in the incidence of fungal diseases, particularly among immunocompromised patients. Unfortunately there is also increasing resistance to antifungal drugs. Research by our group and others has shown that essential oils may be cheap, efficient alternatives that have minimal side effects.

Lavandula oil shows wide-spectrum antifungal activity and is highly potent. This is a good starting point for developing this oil for clinical use to manage fungal infections." [2]


The team observed in tests that lavender oil effectively killed fungi that cause a wide range of infections on skin, hair, and nails, including those categorized as Athlete's food, ringworm, and Candida albicans. Not only was lavender oil more effective than antifungal drugs, many of which no longer work on mutated fungi that have grown resistance to them, but lavender oil use does not cause negative side effects. [3]

Lavender oil manages to preserve the integrity of the skin, as well as relieve pain, anxiety and stress. This is why it is used in bath & body products world wide. Your health care can include your skincare products if they contain lavender essential oil.

Lavender oil is very easy to use, simply apply a couple drops directly to the effected area, or mix with coconut oil which has anti-fungal properties as well. Using daily may prevent the overgrowth from ever occurring.

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Disclaimer: This is not a substitute for medical advice or mental health advice. If you are struggling with your mental health, natural therapies may not be powerful enough for you, so be sure to seek professional help from a Doctor.


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