Lavender Products for Clean Soft Skin

When you are washing your hands every 20 minutes, we know it's difficult to maintain your skin health. While it's more important than ever to wash your hands with a moisturizing soap, we know your hands must be dry, and the stress is surely getting to us all while being in quarantine. Here are some products that we suggest using to get you through the fire.

Lavender has been hailed throughout history as having supreme cleansing qualities. The etymology of the word "lavender" translates into "to wash". We offer 6 different soaps that will not only remove all viruses, but will leave your head feeling relieved due to lavender's anti-anxiety properties. 

Lavender Hand Soap is our liquid soap which is easy to use for everyone. Formulated with essential oils to gently cleanse, soothe and moisturize. Rich cleansing lather with fresh herbal scent. Leaves hands soft and smooth.

Lavender Bar Soaps are economic and last longer, we like to keep them in fashion as best we can. Check out our 4 different kinds: Lavender Hippie Chick, Lavender Mint, Lavender Chamomile, and Lavender Martini. These nutrient rich soaps will leave your hands germ-free, but also soft and beautiful.

Lavender Goats Milk Lotion For added moisture, it's important to moisturize! This rich aromatic lotion made with goats milk and honey is perfect for nurturing and soothing your skin. The calming scent and effects of lavender essential oil will transport you to the fields of Provence. This is a perfect way to show your skin how much you love it. We even have a travel size for using on the go! 

Lavender Shower Gel is the perfect shower cleanser to use when you walk in the door. With all the recommended showering, it's important that your shower gel leaves your skin moisturized. Our Lavender Shower Gel contains the fabulous scent of Lavender to take you away to the fields of Provence. Enjoy the calming effect in the shower or put a couple pumps in your bath for a relaxing and bubbly experience. 

Shop our entire bath and body collection and we will ship these products right to your door! 

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