Lavender for Anger Management

There are so many pharmaceutical drugs capable of altering our brains, and they have saved many lives. Even less known is their ability to decrease anger issues and help with managing impulsive behavior and stress. But for some people, these drugs are not able to help in the ways they need them to, and for a long list of reasons. If you feel irritable, stressed, or unable to relax, there are natural therapies which have scientific proof behind them suggesting that they may help human anger.

Anger issues run in my family. I've had my day ruined and my heart broken throughout my childhood by explosive angry relatives simply unable to channel their anger in effective ways. Unfortunately I inherited these traits the older I became, and I spent many years feeling guilty and unable to control my impulsive nature. As a new mom almost done with breastfeeding, I wrestle with whether or not to try the same medications that helped other members of my family.

A friend reminded me that taking any pill is a habit, and forming habits around other natural methods is worth trying before going the pharmaceutical route if you have room to experiment.

The science behind lavender for anger

Several animal experiments suggest anti-anxiety, sedative, pain relieving, and anti-convulsive and neuroprotective properties for lavender. These studies showed a reaction similar to that of chlordiazepoxide and diazepam- two drugs used to treat anxiety, seizures, and alcohol withdrawal.[1]

It was shown that lavender possesses an anticonflict effect in mice. Continuous exposures to lavender essential oils for 7 days significantly inhibited anxiety- and depression-like behaviors tested by elevated plus-maze and forced swimming tests in rats... Investigation of the effects of inhaled linalool on anxiety, aggressiveness, and social interaction in mice showed anxiolytic properties in the light/dark test, increased social interaction, and decreased aggressive behavior." [1] 

My experience with ingesting lavender

I love the taste of herbs in general, and lavender blends well with many foods and herbs. I struggle with finding time for myself, and forming healthy habits around caring for myself, but the easiest way to quickly ingest lavender is by simply brewing a pot of lavender tea. This tea can be enhanced with lemon, honey, mint, and chamomile for a tasty beverage served hot or cold, stored in large quantities and sipped throughout the day. Lavender lemonade is also a summer favorite.

I have a shaker of ground lavender petals and I do my best to sprinkle it on anything that it might pair well with. I've paired it with eggs, meats, jams, ice cream, casseroles, pasta sauce, stews, mashes, pancakes, bread, waffles, and lots of other foods that it can easily hide in or blend well with other fragrant plants..

By doing this, my anger issues have decreased dramatically. It's not as easy as taking a pill, but for now, I'm able to harness all the benefits of ingesting it which are much more valuable to me.

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Disclaimer: This is not a substitute for medical advice or mental health advice. If you are struggling with your mental health, natural therapies may not be powerful enough for you, so be sure to seek professional help from a Doctor.

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